Writing Tips

Jen Wells, an equity partner in Team Builder Search, says a good cover letter will not help or harm your chances of landing an interview. A great cover letter will because most if not all employers want to hire people who can write.

This Harvard Business Review podcast suggests some approaches for writing at work. Carolyn O'Hara's entry in Harvard Business Review discusses improving your writing process.

If you need editing tips, then listen to this Grammar Girl podcast

While these 10 suggestions focus on writing a paper for a college course, the suggesions are applicapble to a business paper. Also, while these 10 tips center on law school papers, they remain useful for business writing. Related to these documents, these writing tips cover a variety of business writing topics.

Tim Phillips gives several ways to improve clarity including cutting out jargon, which John Smurf helpfully reviews hundreds of business-related jargon words and phrases.