This page serves as the landing page for MKTG 2650 - Sales - at Otterbein University and includes content associated with this unique course. There are four required texts, including:

  • The Accidental Salesperson by Chris Lytle
  • Ethics for the Real World by Ronald Howard and Clinton Korver
  • Spin Selling by Neil Rackham

Additionally, we occasionally watch movies related or about selling, such as:

  • Jerry Maguire
  • Big Kahuna
  • Promised Land

The career development, critical content assignment, reflection essay, and the selling project are available by clicking this link.

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This course focuses on sales as a career and as an activity. The career development, critical content analyses, and reflection essay provide opportunities to look at sales as a profession or career similar to being a doctor, lawyer, or teacher. These assignments serve as a starting point for a possible career in sales. The project moves you through each of the selling step including closing.

Finally, The course syllabus is available by clicking this link.

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Additional resources devoted to:

Students are strongly encouraged to consult these resources to help them succeed in the course.

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Description & Objective

The primary objective of the course is for students to learn about relationship selling. This process includes asking effective questions that uncover and lead to understanding the buyers’ needs and motivations. The course also covers prospecting for customers, qualifying prospects, making sales presentations, overcoming objections, and closing. Finally, the course includes socialization to a career in sales and the inherent challenges to being successful in sales.

This course provides students exposure to the selling process because everyone sells at some point in their career. Everyone must sell himself or herself to a prospective employer. Fundraisers for non-profit institutions must sell their organization’s goals to donors and volunteers. Account executives must sell their firm’s services to prospective clients. Building managers must sell their address to perspective tenants. Selling occurs daily and goes on all around us.

Good sales representatives know their product and can adapt their message to any customer. Great sales representatives know their product, their competitors’ products, and build relationships with their customers. Most of us have experienced a great sales representative, but we probably did not recognize the process.

To assist with the development and application of knowledge and skills, students will perform a variety of exercises and activities. Students are expected to (a) calculate CPM, ROI, FC/SR, and discounts, (b) write critical content analyses, and journal entries, and (c) give sales presentations.