Welcome to MKTG 3100 - Principles of Marketing - at Otterbein University. In this course, we will learn about the relationships between marketing decisions and the firm’s performance. There are four required texts, including:

  • MKTG 12 by Lamb, Hair, McDaniel

  • Principles of Marketing Engineering and Analytics 3rd edition by Lilien, Rangaswamy, De Bruyn

  • Theory Made Simple, which will be distributed in class

  • Simulation manual

The reflection essay, participation points, and the quizzes are available by clicking this link.

The case assignments along with the datasets used for cluster analysis and multidimensional scaling (MDS) can be accessed by clicking on this link. You can also retrieve the assignment including due dates for each memo, the grading rubric, and other material.


Content related to the simulation can be accessed by clicking on this link. In this folder, you can retrieve all the instructions, manual and case, out of class assignments, and items related to the critical incidents.

Finally, The course syllabus is available by clicking this link.

Helpful Content

Additional resources devoted to:

Students are strongly encouraged to consult these resources to help them succeed in the course.

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Description & Objective

The primary objective of MKTG 3100 is to develop your marketing vocabulary and analytical skills. You will work on (A) managerial-relevant formulae that you are expected to know and apply in a business setting, (B) developing a strategic direction for your brand and making a managerial-oriented recommendation, and (C) implementing tactical decisions to improve your brand’s top and bottom line performance. This skill development will occur through a variety of approaches including in-class discussion, cases, and simulation.

Increasingly, businesses are driven by analytics. This drive is created by new sources of data coupled with cheaper technology to analyze this data. To prepare you for business coursework at Otterbein University as well as to make you more desirable for potential employers, we have created one of the most unique Principles of Marketing courses in the nation.