When He Is Not That in to You

We have all been there. The relationship starts with all kind of promises of things to come. Filled with hope and these promises, we rush out to tell the world about our new relational partner. Then, nothing. The new relational partner never mentions us to friends. We are left wondering if we misheard all those promises and felt foolish for having hope. We all know this experience. Welcome to the group, Google.

Google brought a lot to the table. It spent years getting itself into dating shape by developing an autonomous vehicle. It cleared various regulatory hurdles, technological glitches, and many nay-sayers. The market offering actually seems viable.

Enter Ford, who wooed Google with promises of production facility in far-away North Carolina. On paper, the match between Detroit muscle and Silicon Valley brains seemed headed for a happily ever-after ending. Alas, relationships do not exist on paper; rather, in life. And, in life, Ford does not seem that into Google.

When it came time to the world the new-found partnership at the Consumer Electronic Show, Ford never mentioned Google. So, much for that announcement.

Google now claims they were never exclusive with Ford, who says that they talk up a variety of relational partners. Perhaps when Ford can afford that place in the Carolinas that it and Google talked dreamily about, these two crazy companies will commit to each other. Until then, Google will probably nurse its wounded pride by chatting with Nissan and Mercedes-Benz while Ford will continue to see Apple and Microsoft. All the while, they give furtive looks at each other from across the room

Google, Ford still listening to possible partners.