Trucks Themselves Should Also Be Redesigned

The good folks at the Truth About Cars argue for a creative approach toward truck advertising. The money support:

The cartoonish over sincerity of truck advertising is ripe to be skewered. At least one ad exec working for GM has realized this. A memorable 2012 Super Bowl ad for Chevy trucks riffed cheekily on the Mayan Apocalypse as well as manly vigor in the face of chaos. The ad works because it gets the message across (GM builds the most reliable pickups) without resorting to overwrought machismo or torrents of forgettable facts and figures.

A redesigned truck advertisement, though, should occur along with a redesigned truck. Specifically, a small truck (or at least a truck smaller than the Ford 150 behemoth) should be re-introduced to the American market. Like a new approach toward truck advertisement, a new approach toward truck design is needed. Considering market dominance by Ford, Chevy, and, to a lesser extent, Toyota, perhaps a small Japanese or Indian manufacturer would be interested in selling such a market offering. Of course, the chicken tax would need to be repealed.

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