Training Genius Sales Representatives

A recently leaked document discusses how Apple trains its Genius and other store personnel. While some outlets focused on the terminology from this manual, the empathy portion should draw interest from, retail managers and sales representatives alike. Gizmodo provides the money overcoming of objection quote:

Customer: This Mac is just too expensive.
Genius: I can see how you'd feel this way. I felt the price was a little high, but I found it's a real value because of all the built-in software and capabilities.

This technique remains a solid approach to overcoming a customer's objection. Apple's attempt to overcome the objection is not revolutionary or the sign of the apocalypse. However, the company's use signals that their floor employees engage in a lot more selling activity and process than most people would allow.

Perhaps this emphasis on sales technique rather than store design could explain Apple's stunning retailing success. If that's the case, then former Apple retail chief and current CEO at J.C. Penny, Ron Johnson needs to emphasize more role-playing activities among floor personnel and less merchandise layout.

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