Tipping Off with Information Asymmetry

After conquering the NBA where all franchises now operate a SportVU system, three NCAA Division I teams also installed it with more teams expected to use it. At a price tag of $100,000 annual cost, expect many teams though not to install it.  Michigan State head men's basketball coach Tom Izzo provides the money quote:

I'm sure (SportVU) will be (the source of college basketball's next arms race). It will separate the haves and the have-nots a bit more.

While SportVU will allow firms to generate market intelligence, there's little evidence that firms can adequately disseminate and/or respond to market intelligence. Without those two components than the market intelligence generated by  SpoortVU will not provide a competitive advantage. That is, possessing this intelligence remains insufficient. A coach like any manager must be able to formulate and implement a plan based on the intelligence for the intelligence to prove value to the team or firm.

For the teams that cannot afford this technology, perhaps they would be interested in a pair of innovative basketball shoes that reduces the rate of some foot and ankle injuries.