There He Goes Again

Every time Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer opens his mouth, I hear President Ronald Reagan's famous refrain: There you go again.

Ballmer latest doozy comes when talking about Dropbox, the free online file sharing service. Doozy money quote:

"Well, you've got to remember, 100 million (ed. note: number of Dropbox users) sounds like a pretty small number to me, actually. We've got a lot more Office users. And actually if you even want to go to the cloud, we have a lot of Hotmail and SkyDrive users. I'm not beating on Dropbox. They're a fine little startup and that's great."

SkyDrive boasts 200 million users. Boasting about that number is akin to boasting about the number members who belong to G+. Ballmer should look at SkyDrive's and Dropbox's traffic data for starters.

Microsoft's CEO has made a habit of saying draw-dropping observations about his industry. CNET's Don Reisinger runs down some of Ballmer's better insights on Yahoo, Google, and Apple. Indeed a search of "Steve Ballmer quotes" returns several pages devoted to his quips.

While Ballmer generates smacks for his sayings, Microsoft stockholders continue to suffer the headache. Since Ballmer became CEO in 2000, Microsoft's split adjusted stock price has decreased from less than $45 a share to less than $28. The stock last traded above $35 in 2007.

There You Go Again 1980

The refrain four years later.