Target's Data Breach Remains the Gift that Keeps on Giving

In November 2013, Target announced its payment system had been broken into. Roughly 40 million credit card numbers were stolen. My financial institution cancelled my debit card and sent a new card. A year later, thanks to annual billing, I still receive reminders of Target's security lapse.

Skype briefly shut off my service because I could not change the old card number (now cancelled thanks to Target's data breach) to the new card number. The billing page lacked convenient links such as "pay your account now" or "add new billing card" as found on most e-tailers' website. Instead, every two hours, Skype sent email messages that stated service would be cancelled unless payment was received.

Bill collectors distribute similar messages as Skype's emails. Loan sharks are probably more direct in their collection effort. Perhaps, some day, the Microsoft-owned Skype could develop a bill collection system that matches the service quality of a loan shark. Some day, Skype could even offer a chat with Skype customer service agent too.

Until a handset maker offers the phone I want, I will stick with Skype - bad service and all.

Skype's collections department