Sample Needed

Each course is working on various projects and assignments that need primary data. Given that all of you need respondents for surveys, with your help, I am creating a sample panel (i.e., a group of people who agree to take part in data collection activities). To create this panel, you need to (a) send two to four respondents who are working adults and (b) agree to be a respondent as well. To be considered a working adult, a person must (a) be at least 18 years old and (b) work at least 20 hours a week outside the home.

Each response will be kept confidential. The instructor (Dr. Michael Levin) is the only person who can match respondents' identities to respondents' completed surveys.

Participation is strictly voluntary. However, your participation points are based on the number of surveys you complete as well as the number of surveys completed by your respondents.

Prior to submitting email addresses for two to four working adults, please get their consent to take part.

You and/or your furnished respondents will be asked to take part in at least three surveys during the Spring 12 term. Each survey will need 5 to 15 minutes of their time.

Two furnished respondents' emails will be considered average; three above average; and, four excellent.

Finally, please send your two to four emails by Feb. 22 at 5 p.m. by sending an email to your instructor with the subject line, "panel respondents." Thank you.