Preaching the Benefit and not the Feature

My name is Dr. Michael Levin. I am in my fifth year at Otterbein. During my second year, I realized that my courses needed to move from the 3-exam-and-project format to a student-centered, student-focused learning experience where content knowledge is applied immediately. Admitting you have a problem is the first step. Finding a solution is another matter.

At the next conference, I stopped at every booth and table to talk with sales representatives from various simulation, textbook, and software companies. Interpretive's Clayton Shumate (and later Tim Sams) stuck out in the crowded room because Clayton explained why his product could help me and my students.

For example, when showing the report screen, Clayton said that students could check their results, and share this information with their group members without waiting for the next class meeting or for the professor to distribute the results. Hence, students remained in control of their performance.

YES! I wanted to scream each time Clayton explained each benefit.

After the conference, Tim followed up with me and, gently but firmly, asked to provide a Webex demonstration. Tim's maintained the benefit, not the feature approach throughout the demonstration. I was excited as Tim walked me through their solution for faculty looking for a student-centered, student-focused learning experience.

I agreed to incorporate their simulations into two courses that I taught. The students, however, completed the sale by purchasing the license from Interpretive.

Tim or Clayton continue to preach the benefits of Interpretive's simulations to rapt faculty at conferences, converting more to become Interpretive faithful.

Clayton (left; not pictured) preaches to faculty (pictured) about Interpretive's benefits