Needed, Suggested Financials for Location Analysis Project

For the location analysis project, groups need to develop several financial measures. Some measures are required and some measures are good ideas to discuss.

  • Required
    • Discounted Cash Flow - Several YouTube videos and website exist on how to calculate and interpret discounted cash flow.
    • Traffic count - Many websites provide an explanation of how to conduct a count study for a Poisson distribution.
    • Pro Forma - A sensitivity analysis with optimistic, pessimistic, and realistic scenarios round out the financials associated with this project. The textbook offers some solid examples and discussion.
  • Good Ideas
    • The ratios from class on Mar. 10
    • The associated ratios from SPM

Through in-class examples and the House case, we have discussed and applied many financial aspects to retail management. Beyond course activities, websites and YouTube videos provide additional discussion, and applications.