Mavs Owner Says Major in Sales

In a recent blog post, Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban offered his thoughts on sports management as a major and as a vocation. The money thought:

Everyone majors in sports marketing. There is no more worthless major. Every school seems to have a major in sports management. Why do the schools and kids think that across the tens of thousands of graduates from these programs there is going to be a job than even comes close to paying off their student loans. Do the math.

Lets say there are 120 top pro teams. This article (sic) says there are about 12k sports marketing grads each year. The competition for jobs at pro teams is so brutal that we don’t have to pay much. Yet schools keep signing up kids. If schools want to have any value to sports teams they should offer degrees in Sales. (sic)  Not sports sales. Just sales. Teach kids to sell and they can get jobs anywhere anytime. Teach kids sports management and you improve their chances of getting a job at Fridays.

Cuban makes a good point. Indeed, he made the same point in his book.

I do agree with his point about selling as a skill that can be used for the duration of a career. Regardless of career arc or vocation, the skills associated with selling, if learned and honed, will prove to be invaluable.

Uncle Mark says major in sales, kids.