Lack of Excitement for Buying Another iPod Touch

Recently, I lost my iPod Touch. This action put me in the market for a replacement. Simply, I want a device that:

  • includes WiFi connectivity so I can listen to Pandora while working out;
  • offers MP3 player so I can listen to my tracks;
  • requires no cellular contract needed or required.

My options are limited to an iPod Touch. The lack of competition does not surprise me.

Most people gravitate toward Swiss army type smartphones and/or tablets. Slim smartphones include smaller screens but remain tethered to cellular providers. Bulky tables provide a larger screen, but are free from the clutches of the cellular providers. The iPod Touch offers the worse of both worlds; a small screen with no cellular connectivity.

So, I resign myself to buying another iPod Touch. I prefer the feel of the fourth generation in my hand compared to the fifth generation. Indeed, I considered buying a fourth-generation version but scrapped those plans when I found the price for a fifth-generation device was lower.

At least there is a choice of colors.