Fastlane Finally Closes

The public relations blog that everyone stopped carrying about finally stopped running. To be fair, Fastlane ran out of gas roughly five months after starting.

General Motors launched Fastlane in 2006 with little notice or fanfare. Initially, readers were treated to unfiltered comments from Maximum Bob Lutz. The Truth About Cars blog provides some of his greatest hits including one of my favorites:

This business isn’t all that complicated. Do the best product you can do, and if it looks better and drives better than the other guy’s, you win.

Good words for Marketing Management students participating in the StratSim Marketing competition.

All good things must come to an end. GM's corporate PR folk found the blog and immediately erected enough filters to clean water from the Flint River. No one was interested in reading a sanitized version of Maximum Bob. The links, the sharing, and the "oh, no, he didn't" came to a thudding stop. From that point, Fastlane suffered PR death because no one was talking about it.