Distinction Project Ideas

The application deadline for Distinction project is Friday, Sept. 12. This honor is open to juniors and seniors with at least a 3.0 GPA. The application is available by clicking this link. These research-oriented projects offer several advantages, including:

  • Provides a terrific entry on your resume, which will make you standout from the hundreds of resumes on someone's desk;
  • Available financial funding from the University to assist with your project
  • Receive a medal to wear on your gown at commencement;
  • Makes you a more compelling candidate for an MBA, MMR (Master's of Market Research), or M.A. in analytics degree program.
  • (in some instances) Can be used to meet a graduation requirement.

I have worked with several students, including:

  • Matty Quinn (defense scheduled for Spring 2015). He is extending a previous Distinction project by collecting data from prior participants to measure shifts in motivations and financial orientation.
  • Jackie Faeth (Spring 2014). She produced two cases studies related to the Shuriken cigar cutter. Her poster hangs in the hallway on the fourth-floor of Roush Hall.
  • Ali Ernest (Spring 2013).  She developed a model to predict students' likelihood to withdraw from a university at the end of the student's Freshman year.
  • Chris Thayer (Spring 2012). She examined why consumers appeared unlikely to scan QR codes in a retail setting.

As to ideas, I have proposed several possible projects for a student to accept, including:

  1. Applying SABR-metrics to football - what positions and types of plays predict a team's success in a game and, in turn, do consumers pay to watch this success?
  2. Using cluster analysis to group colleges instead of rankings - this blog post provides additional discussion of this idea.
  3. Examining various antitrust issues to marketing - there are several possible issues to explore for those students looking for a less quantitative and more theoretical approach.
  4. Arguing for the firm as the nexus of all relationships - this idea is well suited for those students who want to explore the strategy from the intersection of the marketing and the management disciplines.
  5. Determining if a rule change in NCAA Division I-A (i.e., FBS) level competition produced more opportunities for upsets, or a more compelling product.

If you are considering a research idea and/or interested in the distinction project, then please send me an email (mlevinATotterbeinDOTedu) to schedule a time to meet.