Boom in Marketing Technology

From 2014 to 2015, marketing-related technology firms increased by 98% from 947 to 1,876. Scott Brinker at Chief Marketing Technologist points to four-possible reasons:

  1. Marketing has unquestionably become a technology-powered discipline.
  2. The quantity of (marketing technology) ventures is a barometer of how much marketing is evolving.
  3. The marketing technology field is heterogenous, with a very broad range of products.
  4. To thrive in this environment, marketing should steadily develop its technical talent.

These reasons illustrate the extant that marketing has become tethered to technology. In turn, this tethering supports the argument that marketing owns data.

In looking at this many firms, how many will remain on this chart when Brinker updates it for 2016.

So much technology. So few customers.