Barritt's Returns to Retailers' Shelves in Ohio

Barritt's Ginger Beer has returned to store shelves as the Bermuda-based company has resumed exporting to Ohio. The company based its decision on customers who asked for the beverage. In this sense, John Barritt & Son appears to be engaged in market orientation. Market orientation is defined as the generation, dissemination, and responsiveness to market intelligence.

The company maintains a separate website for its unique product. There, customers can click a contact page, which allows consumers many ways to interact with the company. Surely, the company analyzes its traffic data to determine the geography of the site's visitors, how customers accessed the site, and where they went they hit the site. In this fashion, web analytics reflects a firm's market orientation competence.

After receiving the email from Barritts, I called the distributor, Vintage Wines, to ask about the decision. The distributor (Vintage) and the supplier (Barritt's) agreed to a trial order. If retailers such as Weiland's Market can achieve and maintain sales and inventory turnover numbers, then Barritts Ginger Beer remains on the shelf. Vintage would not reveal the needed metrics, but offered that they were using an introductory price to spur interest.

By working with its relational partner, Vintage Wines, John Barritt & Son uses its market orientation competence to achieve superior financial performance by:

  1. Generation - Company should be using web analytics to develop consumer profile;
  2. Dissemination - Company internally and externally shares its market intelligence;
  3. Responsiveness - Company develops marketing program that includes distribution into Ohio markets.

Unlike the more familiar ginger ale, ginger beer starts very sweet and finished very sour thanks to the mixture of sugar cane and ginger root. The flavors are more robust with spice of the ginger given a starring role. Something in the Bermuda soil and water gives Barritt's a more distinct taste compared to market offerings from Sioux City and Regatta.

As summer draws to a close and before the autumn term courses become overwhelming, lay back in a hammock or chair and enjoy a cold bottle of Barritt's Ginger Beer.

A cool refreshing drink