3 Necessary Data Points to Buying Club Soda

My name is Dr. Michael Levin. I am in my fifth year at Otterbein. When purchasing club soda, I look for a brand with a higher sodium content because the sodium provides a different taste compared to seltzer, which has no sodium. When making this decision I consider three data points, including: (1) size, (2) price, and (3) sodium content for each available brand. Schweppes comes in a 500 ML bottle for $1.69 (MSRP, not on feature) with 65 mg of sodium. Conversely, Kroger's private label sits in a 1 L bottle for $.99 (MSRP, not feature) with 50 mg of sodium. The quick decision is to buy the Kroger's private label because it sells for a lower price. However, I want to buy sodium not water.

I compare the MG sodium per milliliter per cent to make the decision. Based on this calculation, Schweppes offers .07 mg per milliliter per penny compared to Kroger's .05 mg per milliliter per penny. That is, I get more sodium for my money when buying Schweppes. Hence, I rely on data to make a decision.

Kroger club soda - lower price


More sodium for the money