Fries' Guide to Analytics Implementation

In a previous blog post, Dish's research director Patti Fries discussed the satellite provider's cultural and behavioral shifts related to market intelligence. Fries also discussed how she influenced this change. Annie Pettit, who lived blogged the presentation, provides the money list:

  • Individually, Fries completed 72 project in the first seven months at Dish. The results justified her requested 100% budget increase.
  • Dish followed an undifferentiated segmentation approach. Through research, Dish lowered subscriber acquisition  and retention expenses through the development, and implementation of segmenting models.
  • Fries stress to her team that less is more. Instead of providing every last number, her department issues one to two pages of action items instead of 400-pages of tables, and charts.

Based on these comments, it is easy to deduce that Fries was opportunistic, started simple, scored inexpensive victories, and developed a program. It is not clear whether she started with the end in mind (but probably did). Fries' tale underscores the general lesson of how a person could start an analytics program or department at his or her company. This lesson could be the real value of Fries' presentation.